This local job posting for drivers requires a degree. Boss reveals why, Singapore News


Is this the sign of an ultra-competitive job market?

A construction company here is looking for a driver, and it seems that just having years of driving experience isn’t enough for them.

July 8, Preethi Engineering posted a job advertisement for a “class four driver” on the government job portal MyCareersFuture.

With a monthly salary between $2,800 and $3,800, the daily responsibilities listed are typical of what a driver would do in the construction industry.

To be considered for this position, potential candidates must also have more than 10 years of driving experience.

However, what was apparent from this announcement was that the employer Preethi Engineering requires the driver to have a bachelor’s degree.


Speaking to AsiaOne on Friday July 15, Preethi Engineering confirmed that this position requirement – ​​unusual for this position – is not a typo.

In addition to transporting building materials and workers, The driver is also required to attend meetings with developers to “discuss” construction projects, the construction company’s boss, who only wanted to be known as Poyyamozhi, told AsiaOne.

But in a HardwareZone thread, netizens struggle to explain why higher education is needed to be a driver.


Several netizens, who presumably do not have university degrees, mocked their future career prospects.

“This is where you end up when everyone has a degree,” said one netizen.


But all is not lost for those who aspire to be drivers in the construction industry.

Taking a look at current job postings for drivers on MyCareersFuture, AsiaOne found that most companies preferred their candidates to have at least a high school education, or those who can “speak and write English”.

None that we saw required drivers to have a bachelor’s degree.

Although he has not yet received applications, all university graduates – not just those with an engineering degree – are welcome to apply, Poyyamozhi said.

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