“She doesn’t earn as much as him”


A father fears that his son will marry a “gold digger”.

He took to Reddit “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His son John is getting married to a woman who earns less money than him. asked if he could get some of the money from his trust fund sooner to pay for the wedding, but the father insisted that John get a prenup first.

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“I have 4 children. My eldest John (27 months) was with my first wife who died when he was 5,” he wrote. “I eventually remarried and had two beautiful- daughters, Lisa (25F) and Ann (18F). Then my second wife and I had Mike (13M). My wife and I made sure to provide them with a comfortable life. When John and Lisa graduated from college, we offered them condos. We will do the same when Ann and Mike graduate. Plus, they all have trust funds that will be released when they turn 30.

“I am quite proud of my children. John and Lisa graduated from top universities. John has a well-paying job as an engineer while Lisa pursued a master’s degree in commerce while working in marketing. Eventually, she started her own marketing consulting company while co-owning a spa.

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“John recently got engaged to his girlfriend of 2 years and they want to get married by the end of this year,” he said. ” She looks nice. However, she does not earn as much as him. My son spends a lot of money on her, on dates and expensive gifts. I understand it’s his money and he can spend it however he wants. She also moved in with him in the condo I gave her, and as far as I know, she’s not paying her share of the charges and association fees. And now John is asking to get some of his trust fund so he can use it for the wedding since his fiancée doesn’t have much money to contribute towards their wedding.

“Now this is where I could be the ******. I told him that I would release some of his trust fund sooner if he wrote a prenup with her. He got angry and told me I was being unfair because I released half of Lisa’s trust fund last year to help her start her business He told me I was playing I told him that Lisa had done something worthwhile with her trust fund, and while a wedding was worth it, I told him that it didn’t seem safe to use her fund for a marriage to a girl “who doesn’t bring much to the table. I told him I just wanted him to have some security by writing a prenup. He got mad and said that I was implying that his fiancée was a gold digger.

People had mixed reactions to the father’s requests.

“Your post screams that you are actually playing favorites as far as your kids are concerned,” one user wrote.

“A trust fund is a privilege and not something your son is entitled to,” another commented.

“I think the concern is viable and sincere, but the execution is what was poor,” said another.

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