Jones Leads the Way for Women in STEM at Dow


Midland’s Shameria Jones graduated from Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Miss.

In 2020, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University. Soon after, she started working at Dow Chemical Co. as an engineer.

She now works as an R&D technologist at Dow.

“I really enjoy troubleshooting and hands-on work,” Jones said.

Outside of work, she enjoys hobbies such as drawing, camping, and hiking. She also enjoys bouldering, which is similar to rock climbing, and visiting cafes and tearooms in Midland.

Her drawing hobby has turned into digital artwork, which she posts on Instagram as shaycantart.

Jones has two younger sisters and a younger brother who live in Mississippi with her parents. She also has a cat named Token.

Jones is still taking online classes through Mississippi State University and hopes to transfer to a doctoral program — possibly at the University of Michigan.

It was a lesson in a high school class that piqued his interest in chemical engineering.

“I was interested in a combustion reaction in high school chemistry,” she said. “I found a video on how to make this project, then I asked my teacher if he could help me and he said he would. So I presented the project at an expo -sciences and I did very well. I realized that it was chemical engineering and so I continued to pursue in this field.

Jones wants to further her education to use science and engineering for other ways to make products.

“I want to work on specialized catalysts, geared towards improving grain chemistry,” she said. “Like chemical processes that are better for the environment. For example, we use a lot of ground materials from fossil fuels to make many consumer products. Catalysts are aimed more at organic raw materials, fodder grass or corn… These processes are more sustainable.

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