Haslingden, father of three, completes second degree in 10 years


A father of three has successfully completed a second degree and returned to university after studying in Pakistan ten years ago.

Zain Ul Abdin moved to Haslingden after initially studying telecommunications engineering at a university in Pakistan.

He wanted to pursue a career in science and technology, but his personal situation forced him to delay his future studies.

During these seven years, he never gave up on his dream of studying software engineering at UCLan and he is now thrilled to graduate.

The 35-year-old said: “I feel very excited, motivated and confident to graduate.

“I came back to school because I loved coding and wanted to learn more. Now I think this degree will open doors of opportunity for me.”

While studying full-time on the three-year course, Zain held a supervisory position at Lidl and is raising three sons, Mohammad, nine, Amaan, eight, and Musa, five, with his wife Rehana.

Zain said, “Time management was the biggest issue for me. Sometimes I felt like I had to have 48 hours a day.

“When I started the course, my eldest son had just turned seven. Studying full time with three children was difficult.

“I had to manage my time for studies, work and especially for my wife and children.”

Now that he has graduated, Zain hopes it will lead to new career opportunities.

He added: “My next step is to take up a technician position where I can demonstrate my skills and knowledge that I have acquired through this course and build my career.”

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