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Michaela Gyasi-Agyei has always loved learning.

The University of Queensland Bachelor of Economics/Law (Honours) remembers spending a few weeks in year one at her primary school in Rockhampton before transferring to the next year.

“I was a curious child and from an early age I read a lot about all the fields that interested me,” Ms Gyasi-Agyei said.

Born in Finland to Ghanaian parents, Ms Gyasi-Agyei came to Australia as a baby, living first in Adelaide and Rockhampton before the family moved to Brisbane.

“I finished elementary school at Acacia Ridge State School and then went to Mansfield State High School, which I loved,” she said.

Ms. Gyasi-Agyei was a school captain in her senior year and involved in a junior student mentoring program.

“These roles had a definite impact on me — being involved in public speaking and representing the student body,” she said.

“I really enjoyed talking with younger students and making sure they didn’t feel lost.”

Ms Gyasi-Agyei said it was a feeling she could relate to.

“I’ve often been one of the only Africans in certain spaces to grow up, and while the diversity is improving, there’s still a long way to go,” she said.

“I hope to encourage young Africans to pursue their dreams.”

Her keen interest in English, math and social sciences led Ms. Gyasi-Agyei to enroll to study both economics and law at UQ.

“I thought it would be an interesting degree – the two fields marry quite well because they both have an element of analyzing why people make certain decisions,” she said.

During her first year on campus, she joined the UQ African Students Association and later served as secretary.

“It’s a really vibrant and supportive group with students from various faculties,” Ms. Gyasi-Agyei said.

“A real highlight was sharing our different cultures at events such as Market Day and Cultural Fiesta.”

The mid-year graduate excelled in her studies, receiving a UQ Law School Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarshipthe Tomas Riha Scholarship in economics and UQ Employability Award.

She has also participated in numerous undergraduate programs, internships and work experience opportunities as well as volunteering at Salvos Legal.

Ms. Gyasi-Agyei currently works as a research assistant at a commercial law firm.

“I discovered that I liked tax law, so I see myself working in that field in the future,” she said.

“I think it would be a fulfilling career path, allowing me to use both aspects of my dual degree.”

UQ will confer 5,400 students this month, including students who were unable to attend graduation ceremonies in 2020 and 2021.

Media: Faculty of Commerce, Economics and Law, Alysha Hilevuo, [email protected], +61 (0)409 612 798.

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