Columbia Announces New Dual Degree Program


Columbia Business School’s Kravis Hall at night, one of two buildings on its new campus at 130th and Broadway

Columbia Business School offers a new dual degree program, MBAxMS: Engineering & Applied Science, in partnership with Columbia Engineering.

The new 20-month program, which will be officially launched in September 2023, will allow students to obtain both an MBA and an Executive Master of Science in engineering and applied sciences. According to a Press release.

“Today’s business challenges are multidisciplinary and their solutions are often based on technological innovations. Students need, on the one hand, broad exposure and understanding of how technological and technical breakthroughs are shaping our lives today and the world of tomorrow. And, on the other hand, they need a deep understanding of business and, most importantly, how to manage and lead in this dynamic environment,” said Columbia Business School Dean Costis Maglaras, professor of business David and Lyn Silfen. “In this competitive market, Columbia’s new MBAxMS: Engineering and Applied Science provides students with both the management skills and the scientific and technological core that allow them to move from the classroom to product development and large-scale innovation – and ultimately to help create and grow businesses and drive change.


The MBAxMS: Engineering and Applied Science core curriculum includes new and existing courses, including Digital Disruption & Tech Transfer, Business Analytics, Human-Centered Design and Innovation, and more. The program focuses on the creative application of technology.

“Technology, data and analytics are transforming every aspect of modern business, especially those prized by ambitious and enterprising students who come to Columbia University,” said Columbia Engineering Dean Shih – Fu Chang, Professor of Engineering Morris A. and Alma Schapiro, says. “We recognize how important it is to provide students with broad exposure to emerging technology breakthroughs, the comprehensive training of business leadership skills, the unique experience in applying the people-centric design approach people to innovative products and solutions, and above all the ability to apply these unique skills to meet the great challenges facing our society and our business world today. We look forward to partnering with Columbia Business School to launch an unprecedented program that can give our students a major boost.

Sources: PR Newswire, Colombia Business School

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