GEA Niro Soavi
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Cell Disruption

For biologic cell lysis (bacteria, yeast, algae and plants) cells can be efficiently disrupted with a pressure shock in order to collect the intracellular materials, drastically reducing the production time and costs.

In this respect GEA Niro Soavi VHP Homogenizer offers distinct advantages over chemical lysis and impinging flow type technologies. Whereas chemical lysis require additional costly purification and recovery process steps to yield the desired product, the GEA Niro Soavi VHP require no additional processing steps, achieving yields higher than 90% on a single pass with industrial size cells disruption units.

Unlike impinging flow type equipment, GEA Niro Soavi VHP Homogenizer can be easily scaled-up from the lab and pilot systems to industrial systems, consistently replicating the process results.
Particle size reductions for the pharmaceutical industry can usually be accomplished at lower pressures than competing technology with appropriate selection of the most suitable homogenizing valve sizing, design and FDA grade wear resistant materials.