How to download Government Agency Small Loan Forms and apply

How to get a small Government Agency loan

How to get a small Government Agency loan

Small loans are a particular credit access solution dedicated to public employees and retirees. In fact, these are loans which, unlike what usually happens, are granted directly by Government Agency, through a special credit fund. In this study we will see how to proceed with the request and download the small Government Agency loan forms.

Since they fall into the category of personal loans, small loans do not require the submission of particular documents. In the application, therefore, it is sufficient to present the request prepared on the appropriate form.

Recall that small loans allow you to obtain relatively low amounts. They range from one to eight months of salary or pension received by the applicant. The repayment extends for a maximum of 48 months and the rate is fixed at 4.25%.

Download the small Social Institute loan form ex Government Agency

Download the small Social Institute loan form ex Government Agency

How to download the Government Agency small loan forms? Application forms for Government Agency loans are available on the official Social Institute website. To download them, you need to connect to the Social portal. From the Home page it is necessary to click on the link All services.

Once on the page dedicated to online services you will have to choose the item All modules from the horizontal menu. At this point, the following items must be selected from the side menu: Public Employee Management ; Registered / Retired and Credit and Social Benefits.

The model for requesting a small loan is called Small Loan – Registered In Service, Retired. The printout can be downloaded both in Pdf and zip format.

Small Social Institute loan application ex Government Agency

Small Social Institute loan application ex Government Agency

As regards the transmission of the application, the procedure to be followed varies according to whether the applicant is an employee or a pensioner. For civil servants, the transmission of the application must take place through the Administration they belong to.

Retirees, on the other hand, can transmit the application independently. On the official Social Institute website there is in fact a service that allows you to send and monitor the loan request. To access it, you must be in possession of the Pin Social Institute.

Those who are not yet in possession of the code can request it at any Social Institute office. Alternatively, it is possible to obtain the Social Institute Pin through the Social website by following the appropriate procedure for the request.

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